Mar de Frades Albariño Atlántico Rías Baixas 2019


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Alcohol by volume – 12.5%

Bottle – 75cl

Producer – Mar de Frades

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All the expression of the Albariño grape. A fruity wine with marine reminiscences that seduces us with its elegant freshness

Producer Note

Since 1987, Mar de Frades has worked hard to bring you singular wines with a unique personality and a capacity for surprise. Today it is one of the most sought after brands of white wine in Spain, offering a Premium innovative quality product.

Mar de Frades was launched in 1987, with its history running parallel to the RIAS BAIXAS Designation of Origin, and is a pioneering winery in the region, representing the deep-rooted tradition of wine-making in the Salnés Valley; the historic capital of Albariño. This is the very place where the legend of this grape variety began and where the most sophisticated and most select white wines in Spain are produced. Mar de Frades, a term from Galego, the language of Galicia, meaning “Sea of Friars”, is also the name given to a place near the Ría de Arosa, at the mouth of the Umia river, where a long time ago pilgrims would disembark and continue on their journey towards Santiago de Compostela.

Mar de Frades is located at the foot of the Finca Valiñas vineyard, on a hillside at the heart of the Salnés Valley, facing the Ría de Arousa estuary which tempers the Atlantic breeze caressing this magical place. The Mar de Frades winery rises up from amidst this landscape, with its grey svelte granite and copper figure, weathered by the elements of the Galician climate.

“Because we are not like others, we yearn for something different, something unique, that can define what you are. Someone special, who knows what they want and fears nothing. A way of understanding and living life, different to others. Mar de Frades. Made of Atlantic. Unconquerable”.

The 2019 Harvest

High temperatures started from the beginning of autumn and slowed downthe fall of the leaf. The beginning of pruning came in November, and thelack of rainfall made 2019 the driest winter since 2012. The vegetative cycle began 15 days in advance. Strong winds and thermal contrasts between day and night caused a scarce flowering; the rainfall only arrived in June, and
as a result, we had smaller and less compact bunches. The rains ended with the beginning of maturation, resulting in fresher, more Atlantic wines. The harvest began on September 5th and lasted until the end of the month.


Healthy and fresh grape bunches where transported from the vineyard to the cellar, there they are stored chilled for a few hours until they arrive at the sorting table, where only the chosen grapes, 58% of the total, descend to the Ganymede macerators vats. filled with CO2, they are macerated with their skins for 32 hours to obtain intense and floral musts; another part of the grapes, 21%, are taken directly to the presses, where, in an inert environment, a tropical and saline must is obtained, which is then macerated with the Ganimede method for another 72 hours. The musts ferment slowly with their own yeasts for 3 weeks. After some days the thick lees are removed, and the wine remains for 6 months with a periodical battonage until it is filtered and bottled.

Tasting Note

Pale lemon colour and lime green reflections. Aromas of orange peel and lychee that are interspersed with white flowers and mineral notes; Balsamic nuances end up marking its freshness and salinity. On the palate, it is powerful, splendid, where volume and harmony are achieved with the balance between the freshness of the fruit and the sea breeze. Elegant and delicate finish

Service and Pairing

The varietal profile of the harvest as well as its longevity, let Mar de Frades be enjoyed with rice and paellas, and seafood such as oysters or crabs, It is also a good match to pair it with tempuras, gyozas or tatakis.

Thermochromic Label

The label has a thermosensitive logo so that when the wine is chilled at the right serving temperature, a small boat appears and disappears when it is too warm for consumption.


Albariño 100%

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